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A virtual museum of Leitz- and Leica-slide projectors

By presenting the ”Uleja” - projector in 1926 the Ernst-Leitz/ Wetzlar Company offered the worldwide first mass-produced projector for 35mm-film, one year after presenting the first 35mm-camera called Leica.

After producing slide-projectors for more than 80 years with many ups and downs but also further developments the Leica Camera AG presented the Pradovit D-1200 in autumn 2008, the first Leica-Beamer for digital pictures. So, Leica has continued the great tradition of projector-manufacturing into the digital age.

No other company can look back on such a period of time and such a diversity and number of models in manufacturing slide-projectors. You can inspect some of them on these websites, and I hope with much fun!

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